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Relationship – Journey of Souls

Friends at Khushi ki Pathshala we provide counseling to those who are under various kinds of stress. Many people visit us with deep emotional stress. As counselors we talk to them at length in many sessions to zero on the reasons of stress and then suggest appropriate measures and activities to overcome the stress. In this, often we need to hypnotize the client to read his/her subconscious mind, where everything is stored. Subconscious mind is the storehouse of all the emotions. Many times when we are not able to locate the source of problem in current life, subject is advised to visit his/her past lives and very often the cause of problems in current life is found to originate from immediate or some other previous life. But what is the benefit of visiting our past life. Well seeing is believing. When people revisit memories of their past life (mostly like a movie) and relive those events/incidents of past life, which is causing emotional stress in current life, they find that they can handle the situation better; relationships become improved; guilt/trauma is removed.

Today we present a past life story unraveled by us, where you will notice that how a current life crisis had its origin in immediate past life. The names of characters have been changed to keep the anonymity and privacy of the persons involved.

Harsh got married to Priya in a traditional manner with all gaiety but somehow the spark was missing. In fact, Harsh was not in a mindset to get married, although Priya was educated and beautiful girl. The marriage was sort of forced upon him by his uncle (phuphaji) under a family pressure. The marriage was a failure from the day one. It was consummated rarely. Priya stayed with Harsh for few days only. Within a month of marriage she left her in law’s house, on the pretext of doing PG course. Except for some very short visits, under the counseling of her late father in law, she stayed with her parents until divorce was granted in 2008, seven years after marriage. All this left Harsh’s parents in hurt and pain and the mental pressures imposed by the closed societal norms and the bad name brought to the family caused them to leave this world rather untimely. All this left Harsh depressed. He kept on living with a guilt that maybe it was all his fault.He could have saved his marriage and his parents would have not passed away with this grief. He started living a listless life.

Harsh visited us in a state of depression and a deep seated guilt. We talked to him at great length and in second counseling session it occurred to us that Harsh’s problem may have an origin in his preceding or in any of past life. We suggested him for a Past Life Session, which he readily agreed for.

Post hypnosis when Harsh reached in a trance state, we regressed him to his past life and he found himself at Narnaul Railway Station (In Hariyana), as 20-25 year old sikh boy, waiting for a train, which will take him to his home town. The date was July 7th, 1954. Harish reached Bhatinda. When he reached home it was 11 am. The home was a big mud house. His name was Paramjeet, as called by his grandma (dadi, who wasNani in current life). While taking lunch he spotted his past life dad (Father in law of elder brother in this life), Aunt (Chachi) (bhabhi, elder brother’s wife in this life), younger brother and dadi. Paramjeet belonged to a farming family.

Since his mother was not at home, (she was at gurudwara – as told by dadi), Dadi took Paramjeet to gurudwara to see his mother because Paramjeet has returned home after a long time. His dadi called his mother as Vimleshkaur (He identified his past life mother as mausi (maternal aunt) in this life, who has passed away). In an effort to locate Priya in this past life, Paramjeet was moved to his marriage, being solemnized at gurudwara. He vividly described groom’s attire, colorful dresses of other people and the ceremony. He could identify this past life wife as daughter of his aunt’s (bua) elder brother in law (Jeth of his bua) in this life.

In further effort to reveal his past life connection with Priya,Harsh (Paramjeet in past life)was further moved in that life. He found himself on rooftop of his house with a neighborhood girl, named Kanwaljeet, who was fighting with him blaming him that he has cheated on her by getting married to another girl, although she was his childhood love. The Kanwaljeet was identified as Priya, wife in current life. Paramjeet tried to reason with Kanwaljeet and told her that he never loved her and did not even like her but Kanwaljeet would not listen. She took a vow to take revenge from Paramjeet. Time passed by and Kanwaljeet did not marry and she lived with a vow to take revenge from Paramjeet.

When moved to his death, Paramjeet saw him dying (age 40-45) due to stress. His dying thoughts were that somehow he has caused pain to Kanwaljeet, whom he wished happiness only.He died on 16th December 1971. (It may be recalled that,Indo-Pak war ended on December 16th, 1971). Paramjeet took rebirth as Harsh on 13.04.1972.

Kanwaljeet’s strong desire to marry Paramjeet and to take revenge by inflicting agony of separation and loneliness and Paramjeet’sfeelings of penance for hurt caused to Kanwaljeet, made strong karmic issues between the two souls and this karmic issue brought them together in current life. As the soul of Kanwaljeet wanted, she (as Priya) and Paramjeet (as Harsh) came together in current life to settle their Karmic bonds. They got married (1998) but a relationship did not develop. There was no happiness, only pain and despair.Priya left Harsh soon after the marriage and by making him live alone, settled her loneliness and agony experienced by her, as Kanwaljeet, in their past life. The feeling of penance in the soul of Paramjeeet was also fulfilled through this separation.

Soon after divorce in 2005, Priya got married again and is living a happy married life. Upon revisiting his past life and watching his karmic bonds with Priya, Harsh overcame the guilt that he did not save his marriage and caused a lot of pain to his parents, who could not bear Harsh’s separation, divorce and lonely life. Although he mourns death of his parents but does not carry guilt any more. He is now 43, busy with his new life and would be getting married soon.

During past life regression of Harsh, we noticed two things – Harsh spoke in punjabi language at many points during regression, although he had no knowledge of Punjabi language nor he had any kinship with sikh or Punjabi families all through his life so far. Harsh also wears ‘kada’ (Steel ring worn by Sikhs usually) since many years although he had no sikh friends nor ever he visited gurudwara in current life. This was due to his past life sanskars.

हर्ष की शादी प्रिया से हुई – परम्परागत भारतीय शादी, पर कुछ अजीब था, सम्बन्ध होने में. हर्ष शादी नहीं करना चाहता था. ऐसा नहीं था कि प्रिया में कोई कमी थी. सुंदर भी थी आकर्षक थी. पर हर्ष के अंदर कुछ था जो उसे इस रिश्ते को लेकर असहज बना रहा था. पर हर्ष के फूफाजी, जिनकी घर में पिता से भी ज्यादा चलती थी, उन्होंने जबरदस्ती रिश्ता करा दिया. बस कुछ दिन ही चला विवाह !! प्रिया हर्ष को छोड़ कर चली गयी. माता पिता भी सदमे में आ गये. और हर्ष उनके दुःख व समाज में होती हुई बदनामी को देख कर एक guilt से भर गया. प्रिया ने कहला दिया कि वो PG करेगी, माँ-बाप के घर रह कर. हर्ष के अनुरागी पिता कभी कभी उसे मना कर 1-2 दिन के लिए ले आते किसी त्यौहार पर. पर हर्ष और प्रिया में कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं बने. 1998 में विवाह हुआ 2005 में तलाक. हर्ष का पूरा परिवार तनाव में ही रहा. माँ-बाप इस चिंता में घुल घुल के चल बसे. हर्ष को भी कई बार यूं लगा कि शायद गलती उसने की. उसने शायद प्रिया को समझा नहीं. हर्ष इसी guilt के साथ एक बेरंग सी ज़िंदगी जी रहा था.

इसी अवस्था में वो हमारे पास आया. तनाव को दूर करने के लिए. काउन्सलिंग के 1-2 सैशन में स्पष्ट हो गया कि इस शादी और तलाक के पीछे कर्म-बंधन का ही issue है. हमने हर्ष को पिछले जन्म में चलने का सुझाव दिया, उस जन्म में जो उसने कभी प्रिया के साथ जिया होगा जिसमें कुछ ऐसा हुआ होगा जिसके कर्म बंधन व फल के कारण इस जन्म में दोनों साथ आये और फिर बिछड़े.

हिप्नोटाइज कर के हर्ष को जब हम पीछे की स्मृतियों में ले गये तो वो पहुंचा 7 जुलाई 1954 में. उसने अपने आपको देखा 20-25 बरस के एक सिख युवक के रूप में, नारनौल (हरियाणा) स्टेशन पर. जहां से उसने भटिंडा की गाड़ी पकड़ी. मिटटी से बने एक बड़े से घर में उसकी दादी थी जिसने उसे परमजीत नाम से बुलाया (ये दादी वर्तमान जन्म में हर्ष की नानी थी),पिता थे (इस जन्म में बड़े भाई के ससुर), चाची (बड़े भाई की पत्नी इस जन्म में). माँ विमलेश कौर (इस जन्म में मौसी) गुरूद्वारे गयी थी. यह देखने के लिए की प्रिया कहां थी? किस रिश्ते में थी? पिछले जन्म में? परमजीत को उसकी शादी के समय में पहुंचाया. गुरूद्वारे में हो रही शादी का सजीव वर्णन किया उसने (पर जो पत्नी थी वो प्रिया नहीं थी) जीवन और आगे बढ़ने पर, एक घटना में परमजीत ने अपने आपको अपने घर की छत पर एक लड़की के साथ बातें करते पाया. वो उससे झगड़ रही थी – उसकी पड़ोसन और बचपन की मित्र, नाम कँवलजीत. बेहद गुस्सा थी. उसका कहना था कि परमजीत ने उसे धोखा दिया, उसे प्यार किया और शादी किसी और से कर ली. परमजीत ने कहा कि ये झूठ है. उसे पता ही नहीं कि कँवलजीत को उससे प्यार था और उससे शादी करना चाहती थी. ये कंवलजीत प्रिया ही थी. कँवलजीत नें कसम खायी कि वो परमजीत से इस बेवफ़ाई का बदला लेगी. वर्ष बीतते गये. कँवलजीत का विवाह नहीं हुआ, वो बदलेऔर अकेलेपन की भावना के साथ जीती रही.

वर्ष 1971 के (16 Dec.) दिन परमजीत की मृत्यु हुई. मरते समय उसकी आत्मा को एक ही कष्ट था, कि उसने कँवलजीत का दिल दुखाया, उसे प्रायश्चित करना चाहिए. कँवलजीत की परमजीत से विवाह की प्रबल इच्छा और बदले की भावना ने दोनों के बीच एक मजबूत कर्म बंधन बना दिया.

कँवलजीत की आत्मा की दो इच्छाएं थी, परमजीत से विवाह और बदला. उधर परमजीत की आत्मा एक guilt के साथ थी की शायद उसने कँवलजीत को दुःख दिया और इसका प्रायश्चित करना है. इसी कार्मिक बंधन के कारण दोनों साथ आये. प्रिया (कंवलजीत) – हर्ष (परमजीत) का विवाह हुआ पर सम्बन्ध नहीं बने. प्रिया ने हर्ष को छोड़ कर, उसे अकेले रहने के लिए मजबूर करके अपने पूर्व जन्म के अकेलेपन का बदला लिया. हर्ष की आत्मा में जो पश्चाताप था वो भी इस प्रकार पूरा हुआ. 2005 के तलाक के कुछ समय बाद ही प्रिया ने दूसरा विवाह कर लिया और अब वो बेहद खुश भी है. प्रिया के साथ बिताई पिछली ज़िंदगी को देख कर, कर्म बंधन व कर्म फल को समझ कर हर्ष भी अपने guilt से मुक्त हो गया. उसको अपनी माता पिता की म्रत्यु का दुःख तो है पर अब वो शांतचित्त है. शीघ्र ही उसका विवाह होगा.

हर्ष के बारे में दो बातें और बताना चाहेंगे. हर्ष ने बचपन से कड़ा पहना था जो कि सिख लोग पहनते हैं, हालाँकि उसका या उसके वर्तमान परिवार का सिख या पंजाबियों से कोई लेना देना नहीं रहा. यह कड़ा उसके पूर्वजन्म के संस्कार का प्रतीक था. दूसरी बात ये कि जब हर्ष अपने पिछले जन्म के बारे में बता रहा था तो बीच बीच में पंजाबी भी बोल रहा था, जो इस जन्म में बिलकुल नहीं आती.

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