Let us make enemies.

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Friends, let us learn about pure ‘Desi’ urban style of being happy. By the way these days even villagers are applying this technique to remain happy. Now, you must be thinking hard! Which new technique? Tell us fast…. we have tried so many ‘Nuskhas’ already! Let us see what ‘naya […]

Let’s Meditate: Open the Door of Power!

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These days everyone says ‘Meditate’. Do you meditate? You should. But why? Why? Why should we do meditation? Well! We also advice people for meditation as others are preaching for meditation! Interestingly, majority of the people advising others for meditation seldom practice the same. In fact, meditation has become a […]

Celebrate this Deepotsav with Your Soul Illuminated with Kindness Compassion and Love

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दोस्तों दीपोत्सव की किरणें बिखरनी शुरू हो गई हैं. मन और वातावरण दोनों ही उल्लास से जगमग करने लगे हैं. दीपोत्सव के समय हम अपने घरों की सफाई करते हैं, पुराना सामान बाहर करते हैं और कुछ नया करने का संकल्प लेते हैं. ये समय होता है अपने जीवन की […]