About Us

Khushi Ki Pathshala is a counseling center, provides marriage counseling, family counseling, divorce counseling, child & teenage counseling, depression counseling, anger management, de-addiction,  spiritual counseling, motivational speaking, healing with Reiki and meditation. Counseling is an art but this art gets its most beautiful expression with the “willingness for counseling”. The only pre-requisite to reach a comprehensive and desired conclusion to any problem would be an individual’s openness. The more we know you, the more we come closer to a perfect solution for you. Our Centre is not a place of giving readily prepared prescriptions or providing one-directional advice. Our aim is to facilitate others to find the key of self-reliance and recognize their strengths and resources to cope up with their problems.

Life is full of tensions. Each and every person is surrounded by different sources of tension; compiled with the lifestyle we lead today and it's hard to avoid it. The list of reasons to visit us is exhausted but still, the following points can give you an idea of why you should choose us: Are you unable to figure out a solution alone? You can not define exactly what is wrong but knows that something is wrong that things are not going well. We will provide you the unique solution for your problem. Have a safe feeling in terms of personal privacy, confidentiality, convenience, and an-enmity.


"want to know yourself better and develop your personality feel unhappy about conflicts within the family or among your friends

¨want more self-confidence

¨feel lost or isolated and lonely

¨ are finding it difficult to express your emotions

¨ are finding it difficult to reach your academic goals

¨ have difficulty with or feel confused about social and sexual identity

¨ are finding it impossible to overcome the stress university brings

¨ would like to talk to someone who understands you

¨ have no problem at the moment, but consider the potential problems you might face or are afraid of facing and want to be prepared…